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euroClinix - Die zuverlässige Online Klinik
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(Updated: November 11, 2017)
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I used to buy medical products in traditional pharmacies all my life, until I found out that online pharmacies are usually more customer-friendly regarding discounts and similar loyalty programs. Nowadays, online pharmacies are the only source of medications for me, since I benefit from free delivery and some extra pills every time I order more products at once. My headmaster has mentioned about when we held a discussion recently about some antihypertensive medications (hypertension is bothering me for several years and I'm always interested in all kind of new antihypertensive products to manage my condition). So, I began to explore this source and, why not, to buy something that would be potentially suitable for me. 
As far as I found out, has been launched in 2001. Based on the own description, this pharmacy is one of Europe’s leading online healthcare providers that sell genuine and brand products. The chief office of is set in UK and customers living on this territory can order and receive their products the next day. Those who live abroad, get their delivery within some days to some weeks after ordering. The spectrum of medications refer to the treatment of health conditions as travel sickness, male erectile problems, headaches, hypertension, malaria, genital warts, chlamydia, bacterial and fungal infections, as well as contraception pills for women. At clients disposal, offers the possibility to get in touch with online healthcare providers that analyze the client’s profile and health background. Afterwards, they release a prescription for one or another medication. 

Getting in contact with online pharmacy offers the possibility to ask diverse questions before, during and after placing an order. The pharmacy representatives can be contacted by email, online chat and phone. The dark part of customer support is that it provides customer help from Monday to Friday only. For me in particular, such schedule is somehow problematic since I don't have the necessary time to spend on this issue during the week because of my (exhausting) job. The only days off when I could resolve all my personal (health) problems are Saturday and Sunday- exactly when customer support is not available to answer to my questions. And sincerely speaking, I’m not that kind of persons that order without speaking to a pharmacy representative first; I prefer to establish all the details that concern me about my potential order with a customer care representative before I take the decision to purchase something. 
Apart from working from Monday to Friday, customer support can help clients between 9 a.m to 6 p.m ONLY. This means that even after the working day is over, I cannot get in touch with the client support, since I finish my work at 7 p.m. I know that some of you could recommend me to send an email with my questions and to get an answer the next day. But I repeat once again: I prefer to discuss directly with the customer care representative instead of chatting with a robotized system. In conclusion, I really don't understand why claims to be so oriented to the client, if it is not able to organize a flexible customer support schedule that could attend its clients at any hour of the day. 

How can you pay your orders? is accepting most type of debit and credit cards. The customers can also make bank transfers. I was interested in the security of the payment page, since emphasizes on its official site that it takes strong measures to provide highest degree of payment security. I have to mention that my payments have been fraudulent previously when I've been purchasing some cosmetic products from certain unsafe websites. This is why I am highly careful with this aspect. So, I decided to place an order and view the security of the payment page. I was automatically redirected to another domain and I've been waiting for 6 minutes until it was loading. 6 MINUTES- seemed like it lasted forever. Finally, it loaded and it seemed to be ok in terms of security- at least, one positive aspect. I introduced all the required fields and the system gave me the answer that “there are no sufficient financial resources to accomplish your payment”. How much was my product?- 47$, how much money did I have on my debit card?- 523$. So, I tried to register all the ordering process once again, and the result was the same. I contacted a bank representative to confirm that there were no problems with the payment system and with my debit card. The bank representative confirmed that everything was ok with my card and all the payment problems were related to the system of Needless to mention that being highly angry, I immediately contacted an customer care representative. The only thing that i heard was: “ our customer care representatives are available from 9am to 6pm, please contact us later or send us an email”. Then I remembered that I was calling at 8.15pm. No payment accomplished, no customer support, no nothing!!!

A final word to say
I really don't understand why claims to be a leading online pharmacy. In my imagination, a leading company, corporation, pharmacy or whatever else, should provide 24/24 customer support- an aspect that is completely absent with In addition, there is a real problem with its payment system since I could not make any payment by debit card. For me particularly, it is highly uncomfortable to go to the bank and make a transfer, it really doesn't worth it. It would probably worth it if I saw great prices on but, the prices are neutral and are far to be the most optimal in comparison to other online pharmaceutical sources. On its website, does nothing else than bragging with the fact that it is a leading pharmacy. It should better brag with loyalty programs that, by the way, are absolutely absent. A lot of needless theory on, and a total lack of benefits. It deserves no more than 2 points out of 5.

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