Is it ethical to give amphetamine to kids?

1 year 2 weeks ago #2838 by Melody
Melody created the topic: Is it ethical to give amphetamine to kids?
hey there people. can you answer this question? please? after trying all types of amphetamines as well as meth too, the feeling of the amphetamine it is feeling even stronger, at least personally for me, so the amphetamines are, once again, for me, more potent and stronger than METH! so I am now wondering, are amphetamines not as dangerous as they are being made to be, are they actually safe for kids? I mean, can it be stronger and in the same time safer than meth? and in fact, SO safe that they are being given to kids?! I do think that this is a mistake and that they are giving amphetamines too much. so, what do you people think of it? do you think that it is alright or that it is overprescribed?

is there anybody here who has kids who are on amphetamines? or maybe.. has anybody here taken it as a kid? if yes, then what do you remember it worked for you then and what it is your experience on this drug now? if you have your kids on it then are you ok with it or you would rather take him/her off? do you think that it is helping your kid or not? what pros and what cons you have noticed?

what I am trying to say with all of this is that these are AMPHETAMINES, they are in no way safe. they might appear safe at the moment but I do think that they are dangerous especially if taken long term so in my opinion these are being overprescribed to people as of general, but not talking about the fact that it is a mistake that these substances are being prescribed especially to kids. I am open for ideas and if somebody thinks differently and have different ideas - I'm always ready to listen to them!

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1 year 2 weeks ago #2839 by Weatherly
Weatherly replied the topic: Is it ethical to give amphetamine to kids?
this is also only my opinion and in regards to this: no, it is not a good idea to prescribe amphetamines and no, they are not as safe as many seem to think about them. I'm with you and I do think that they shouldn't be given to kids! now, from as much as I know, this is not a question of medical ethics due to the fact that those drugs do have some benefit (it has been proved) in treating some certain disorders so yeah, it does have benefits, however where I personally see the problem to be is with the social ethics!

exception for the weed, my very first experience with the recreational drug use has been when my friend has given me 1600 Ritalin tablets. I have been only 16 years old and a devout surfer back then those drugs that I was given and I was obviously taking were great for surfing and for driving due to the fact that they provided for me an amazing motivational boost and an very deep focus to develop my skill level, however the problem was that through that box of pills I have propagated a really dangerous drug usage as well as dependency on some of my friends that, had they not had such easy access, may have made it through their teens without having any contact with any powerful of the CNS stimulants.

I should say that in the time that I do understand very well that there is indeed a very big difference between on how I have got my hands on ritalins and the more controlled manner in which people are on a script that are having access to them, I personally do not think that fact has much baring on the behavior of your average kid who is having ADHD or whatever else in this matter. what I am trying to say with all of this is that young people simply do not have enough emotional maturity in ordet to be trusted with amphetamines in such a world as ours when they are so so damn valuable and they are so often abused by so many people now. and the attraction of the enhanced social status, of the financial reward and so on and so forth - in my personal opinion, it is just too great now to simply be sure that the kid is not going to abuse that script. so I do think that this is a bad idea, of course!

now, from only a medical standpoint then I would say that in my opinion, such kind of drugs in this class are indeed suitable for kids that do suffer from ADHD. the amphetamines as well as similar drugs can be highly effective in treating such kind of disorders and they are having an inverse or paradoxical effect on those people that are being afflicted. The attention deficit indeed can have a debilitating impact on the young people who are having yet to learn to compartmentalize anxiety and in my opinion, this is where the biggest benefit of those drugs in this class is due to the fact that these drugs effects can help kids with ADHD and other to somehow feel 'normal' since these drugs make them feel and really be more capable of participating socially and in the school environment. so looking at this point of view, then they CAN be helpful.

but yeah, it is obvious that if the nowadays society would have been healthier then those kids would most likely never need such kind of medications, but unfortunately this is not the case and this is an entire other story… we all know that as sad as it sounds - the nowadays school are only slave training programs and we can't seem to be able to change it. this is the reason why I'm not shocked to see that whenever there are kids thinking a little bit differently than 'most others' they are having troubles, they are kept on drugs that inhibit those 'different thoughts' or simply are considered crazy.

now, as far as any toxicity problems are a concern with giving kids amphetamines (aka speed), then I think that maybe a chemist would be much more better to comment on this part. I am not an expert and I can't really say anything for sure, however from as much as I have heard, amphetamines are not actually this toxic in those dosages that they are usually prescribing to kids (or even taking the maximum daily dosage that they give to kids) by the oral ROA. in the cases of the street drugs then low purity it is being common and it is also very often those impurities as well as the adulterants that are making the drugs being so so toxic, something that isn't affecting the 'normal' drugs.

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1 year 1 week ago #2853 by Britt
Britt replied the topic: Is it ethical to give amphetamine to kids?
well.. in regards of the long term side effects… I just can say that they are still quite unknown due to the fact that there has not been made any conclusive studies which would be able to prove the long term side effects so we can't really say anything with certitude on this topic as these side effects might be really dangerous but they also might not be dangerous at all soo… however, there it is one known long term side effect which is noticed in kids who use them and it is the stunting of growth in children. again, this is something that also has not been proved, only something that can barely be called 'noticed' that is why I think that it is a side effect very difficult to prove (as any other), but I do believe that this is still true.

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1 year 1 week ago #2854 by Mora
Mora replied the topic: Is it ethical to give amphetamine to kids?
Yeah… and this is all due to the word that we are currently living in! I mean, just try to think about this for a minute… why would someone (especially sitting 'up' there) would want any of the citizens to be smart and open minded people? this would ruin their plans, this would be harder for them to manipulate with people. have you got a headache? here with go and take this pill… you aren't able to sleep? no worries, you've just got to take this pill! oh do you feel depressed? don't panic because you're lucky - we just have released a brand new pill which would take care of it! the pharmaceutical companies are blasting! psychedelics are schedule 1! not sure how other people feel about this but that's a very depressing world to me. that's because we all know very well the side effects of the benzodiazepines, of anti depressants and many other pills. many of us had friends/ family members who took them and we saw the effects, in fact there were people who took them and we do know how is that… we do know that they are turning people into vegetables! and then you start thinking that you somehow can cope with life and you want to quit your treatment? stay back, no you won't! side effects and withdrawals start to plague you!
I'm being seriously, you've got to check those benzodiazepines withdrawals, I just could not believe my eyes on what I am reading! it is not a secret, just check them. that's complete slavery to those little pills and it seems that there is no way out of it. seriously, to prescribe amphetamines and the opiates seriously does not seem to be like such a big deal if the doctors are actually trying their hard to avoid the addiction of their patients. however, for those 'sleepy' ones, I one have spent one full month in psychiatric ward. those who have not been there (but I'm sure that there are very few people here who have been there) can't imagine how actually creepy and 'scary' it is to look at those people who are barely being able to stand on their own feet… they are actually looking like zombies. if you have seen zombies only in movies, I've seen them in real life as they were having zombie eyes while salivating from mouth and not being able to stay normally on their feet which is why they were actually peeing themselves 'cuz it took them forever to reach the bathroom (those that were still trying to go to bathroom). they were forgetting words every 10 seconds even if they tried to talk. you just can't look at that without feeling… nothing. and you know, here's the best cocktail stuff that is going to keep them (and anyone else) calm: seroquel, olanzapine, ambien along with alprazolam. oooh. that's how you turn into a veggie brains zombie.

and yeah… sorry, it seems that I start going off topic and it seems that I have not actually answered the topic. I know there's a case of a kid being prescribed Ritalin and after a lot of years in the time that he has finally grown up and has started to understand what has been going on, his statement has been the following (I would try to actually quote word in word what he said): 'they have completely drained the life out of me and now I am feeling like I go crazy!' what I try to say is that doubtless, regardless of the condition, no kid should use any psychoactive substances as the brain has to develop. and we all know that we all are different (and especially kids) which means that maybe some kids develop later than sooner, but they still develop. just give him/ her time to do so. if you start buffing that kid up with amphetamines and all sorts of psychoactive substances the brain isn't ever going to develop. maybe after the age of 18 or 21 that's gonna help as if the person still hasn't developed until this age then doubt he/ she is going to develop more, so psychoactive substances might help, but that's another story. we talk here about amphetamines to children.

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1 year 1 week ago #2855 by TheBestUser
TheBestUser replied the topic: Is it ethical to give amphetamine to kids?
you know what seems to me to be completely fu**ing illogical? the fact that they are giving them out to preteens and that seems to be fine, but in the same time they are locking up an adult in the prison if they are attempting to get them on the street. I mean, WHAT? if that's how it all goes then it means that it is perfectly safe for kids while it is extremely dangerous for adults, isn't it? how is that possible that it is so safe for kids but I am not able to go and buy them at CVS?

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1 year 1 week ago #2856 by Aeri4ood
Aeri4ood replied the topic: Is it ethical to give amphetamine to kids?
I really do not think that this is any kind of an ethical dilemma or something in this matter… have any of you ever been in a room full of children that are under the age of 7 who each one of the mare having big difficulties in learning, some of the ranging from ADHD right though to some other learning difficulties either? trust me I know what I talk about and trust me this medication it is a true godsend and it is really really needed! what you do not seem to comprehend it is how is the child to have any quality of life at all, how to learn and be educated if they are all suffering from a full blown ADHD which makes them completely unable to do all of it. I do understand what you are talking about but you now talking about HEALTHY children but let's not forget that unfortunately, not all children are healthy and so, those who are not needs help, and yes, sometimes we can help them by giving such kind of medicines. and nobody says that it is absolutely safe or that this medicine is absolutely going to help them, but we try doing so and this medicine is giving them a chance to have at least some quality of life which is at least something than doing nothing and leaving them like that. and for example, if a children who is suffering from ADHD is going untreated (as I have seen being suggested here) this can cause disruption not only for the child alone but also surrounding children either. leaving the child like that means ruining his life even more because the chances are very big that this child suffering from ADHD is going to continue this cycle and ultimately is going to end up being completely deemed as some 'problem' child and therefore, besides the fact that he/ she's going to be alone with no friends, is most likely not going to take the chance to go to high education. and now, what we have got? a child who is all alone, with no education, no job, no money and nothing at all. doesn't this means that by not doing anything we ruin the child's life? they are all falling through the cracks of the system as sad as it sounds and very sadly but they re getting forgotten instead of having the support and the help that these child need! it's the same as when an adult is sick/ ill - the sicker the person is the more help he needs. exactly the same applies to children, they do need help, and sometimes the help are such kind of medicines.

and then again, no, nobody tells you that you can give an ADHD child medication whenever you like, in the dosage that you like and so on and so forth. you can also go to jail by giving a child an ADHD medication without making sure that the child is ACTUALLY needing that med (by running tests. etc) and also making sure that you are completely emotionally and physically available for the child as a support and these are the parents as well as the teachers responsibility in the class room. you really need to get that child interested in learning and as soon as the child do start to learn, they might eventually come off it or maybe alternatively would stay on it for an extended period of time, it doesn't really matter as long as the child is really benefitting and is really doing well on it.

and I mean, please… 'do not give drugs to children' and well, paracetamol is also a drug and yet it is also given to children whenever it is needed. but then again WHENEVER IT IS NEEDED only. you just don't give paracetamol to whoever you want to, the same goes here. what I try to say is that you just can't make an umbrella statement for a one size fits it all and what I want to say is that every single of the ADHD needs to be looked at, it needs to be closely studies and have a very solid medical advice that is going to help the child because if there wouldn't be such a thing as 'this drug would help your children this way' then nobody would give them at all and plus to that it is also important to go and explain all of the pros and all of the cons of using that medication to the parents because in the end, they are the ones who are taking the risk but giving this option as to give amphetamines to their ADHD kids at least gives a chance to their children. that means a lot.

again, I should tell you people that I am having no children so I am not able to say anything from experience I have with my children, however with all of that being said, if it has been suggested that my child had ADHD and I see that it truly affects my child then I would go and get a medical opinion on this, then I would go get a second opinion and maybe a third opinion, I would have a discussion involving myself, my child and my child's teacher to find an appropriate solution. you've got to understand me correctly: I wouldn't rush to give any kind of meds to my child and I guess no one ever would. but if there are situations when that's going to be mandatory for my child and my child's future I would doubtlessly do it. at the end of the day you should think that you are sending your child to rest in the hands of another adult for more than half the day 5 days a week. I really doubt a lot that there is going to be someone else that the teacher who would better identify the patterns and the behaviors of those children (and let's admit it - sometimes even better than some of the parents because often the child comes home after school and parents aren't even talking to that child so the child sees only the iPad or the PC until going to bed and then next day goes to school again) and often those patterns and behaviors can be worked on in order to help the child not only learn skills and strategies but generally helping them with their education and their life. this way the medicine is going to calm them down and so they would be finally able to focus and in this way other children are not going to be distracted. this way the parent is able to rest easy with a peace of mind that their child is having an opportunity and the doctor is there too in order to supervise the whole progress and the safety of the child (as tests are run to check if the children isn't suffering more than benefitting from the medicine).

as a conclusion to this I just want to say that I honestly do not see the harm in at least trying it out, in fact I'm damn sure that it is damn worth it because if it is not working and / or it is bringing forward any more issues and the issues are generally outweighing the benefits then, obviously, you just try giving them and that's it. but what if it works? I mean… having the knowledge that your child is standing at least some chances that the medication is going to work and make your children have a better life but still never giving them a chance… well, at least in my opinion that doesn't seem to be very fair…

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