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1 year 2 months ago #2863 by Clumadich
Hello benzo experienced people here. I would really like you to help me if that's somehow possible. the thing is that I really love a lot the slight buzz that I am getting whenever I am taking Xanax and Valium, however here in my country there is no way that you could purchase any kind of benzodiazepine without the doctor's prescription (that's unless you are having some friend or someone who is working at the pharmacy who could give it to you) but since I am not having such friends or people working at pharmacy I want to ask you some questions as the follow:

first question is: what benzo do you like to use the most out of them?
second question: is there a way that you can get benzos without prescription in your country? of course, if yes, how you do it?
third question: could you say: how to convince a doctor that I need to get xanax or valium??
and fourth and last question: if the doctor is going to suggest me a different medication when I go to one, do you think that I should immediately dismiss it and to indicate that I only want benzos and that's it?

generally, what do you think is the best way to get a benzodiazepine such as xanax and valium.

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1 year 2 months ago #2864 by Bourque
I guess you don't really understand what benzos are so I really think that you've got to do a good research before ever taking a benzodiazepine again. there are links and articles which would help you. one very good site you might want to look into is the following site: health. harvard. edu and once you are there write in search: Benzodiazepine use may raise risk of Alzheimer’s disease . you're going to see what I'm talking about. as of recent, I have came across a study that has found a correlation between the benzodiazepine use and alzheimers disease. my former psychiatrist did had told me that this meds could potentially cause me harm to memory, however this is just something that I have found out about it. so I have told you and everybody else about that link just in case there is somebody who has ever heard anything about the study. I really think that it is very beneficial to know such kind of stuff.

plus to that, I also like that the article is covering some other side effects of the benzodiazepine as well. then later, after you read a bit more about benzos and especially about their side effects then you should think either it is worth the 'slight buzz' to take them. people who really need them are struggling with big issues and bad conditions which you wouldn't ever want to suffer yourself. that's why they take benzos. nobody takes them without any reasons. that is why there are good reasons why you can only get them by prescription only. an recreational and un supervised use by a professional can and most likely would lead to addiction, as well as really bad effects which in the end would turn into a tough withdrawals. plus to that, there are some permanent damages either. in the end, it is obvious… that's your body and your choice of what you want to do, but I only want to warn you and to tell you something that you most likely didn't know but you must to so if you do end up addicted (and if you use them recreationally you most likely would) you wouldn't be able to say that 'you didn't know'.

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1 year 2 months ago #2865 by Myers
first question: it depends on what DIAGNOSED CONDITION you have.
second question: in the exact same way that you get any other illegal drug.. you go and somehow find a drug dealer and then you hope that what he is selling you it is what you have asked for and also it is in the dose that you have asked for (as well as you hope that you're not gonna get beaten up). to help you here: a drug test kit can reduce the risk on this but it is not gonna eliminate it nor it can identify the dosages either…
third question: I generally think that you've entered the wrong site. we try to HELP people not to ruin their life so we do not give any instructions for how to perfectly lie to a doctor because doing so would do exactly the opposite of helping people. I personally don't even know how you could do it but even if I would, be sure I wouldn't tell you. you just could go and tell them your preference, however it is just up to those doctors to decide if they are thinking that it is appropriate for your circumstances. tell what you feel, why you need and so on and so forth. you never know if the doctor diagnoses you with a condition that requires benzos.
and fourth and last question: if your doctor is going to suggest you something other than any benzodiazepine and you have not ever tried that something else in your life then be sure that you MUST listen to the doctor and see how that something else is going to work for you, or at the least you must research their suggestion first as it is very important!

you've got to remember that doctors are doctors, they are not any drug dealers (well, usually are not). they are prescribing medications only for some conditions. if you are not having a condition and you are going to visit a doctor then they would most likely see right through you (as I know that they are trained to do so) but even if they are not gonna do it then they will still most likely NOT prescribe you a benzodiazepine as the first choice of treatment due to the fact that I cannot think of any conditions outside of the emergencies or any similarly acute (severe) circumstances where the benzodiazepines are being given as the very first option (and these situations are very rare). in the end you would most likely not get any benzodiazepines unless you are having anxiety and even then, you would need to work this up with your doctor. if you are having a diagnosed condition of anxiety then they will normally go with an SSRI firstly. but if you are having epilepsy then they would normally go with an anticonvulsant firstly. if you are having insomnia then they normally are going to go with an antihistamine first. again, it all depends on what you need the drug for. and all of this is due to the fact that those types of drugs are having less problems with the tolerance and dependence and so they are better suited to the long term treatments. you really need to read that article that has been posted above. go on that site and read. also read on benzodiazepines in general as I'm pretty sure that you haven't. the benzodiazepines are having some very significant downsides that you most likely need to make yourself intimately aware of those before even thinking to use them.

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1 year 2 months ago #2866 by Bourque
oh yeah, also, something else that I wanted to say is: even if you have persuaded a general practitioner to prescribe you those kind of medications (which I highly doubt) then you should know that doctors are following guidelines and laws either about how long they are able to prescribe them for (this is made in order to minimise the misuse or addiction to them). this means that even if you do end up with them then after a month or maybe 2 then they would most likely refuse to give you them more and so they would want you to see a psychiatrist. think about it…

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1 year 2 months ago #2867 by Exiligh
OP, for god's sake, please, just do not go blasting into your doctor's office and then claim that you want benzodiazepines. you have no idea what is going to happen if you would do such a thing. it is not only the fact that they WILL surely turn you down (and be sure they will) but you have quite a good chance that they are going to label you as a drug addict/ drug seeker which would flag you for entire life meaning that you wouldn't ever be able to get prescriptions of drugs that have addictive properties. and generally your medical future would be changed. doctors from that moment on would look at your completely differently. just in case you are having one of those conditions that has been mentioned above by someone else (which I really hope you do not because living with them isn't fun at all), then the doctor may suggest some of those various/ different alternatives and trust me, if he does it then you must be happy since he is definitely right in doing so and that's due to the fact that the benzodiazepines are usually given when there's nothing else that can help you. it is like the heavy artillery which is given in the last line of attack when everything else fails to work for your condition. and that's even for the intractable panic and anxiety either. and trust me this is for a reason, they might be the most potent and seemingly the most helpful, but don't forget that there's always a price to pay for this, and I'm not talking about money. what I try to say is that you can get addicted to them, the side effects are very bad and so and so forth. benzos indeed can be life changing for some people, but it can be life changing to good as well as to worse so please, if you CAN stay away from them then you must stay away from them. people do not take benzodiazepines out of a good life, trust me. and also, if you are not having any conditions that would justify and merit prescribing them then be sure that your doctor is not going to prescribe them and that's because he wants to keep you safe!!! I mean, haven't you ever wondered why they are being given only with a prescription and it is illegal to own/ purchase/ use them without a doctor's supervision? haven't you ever thought that there must be a reason behind this?

and yeah, I do know what you would tell me, that there are still a lot of people purchasing them on the black market. and yeah, I do agree with you, I also suppose that there are a lot of people who are purchasing them on the black market (I mean, on the streets), however it is just the thing that you can never be sure what you are getting a hold of when you buy on the streets. I mean, when you pay for something and you don't know if you are really getting lorazepam, or clonazepam or some other type of medication altogether or maybe even some kind of junk instead. I totally do agree with what has been said up there by other people as they do seem to know what they talk about: beware the benzodiazepines, and if you would do a bit o research on this you would know what I am talking about. as I have already mentioned (as well as said by other people too) they are being very highly addictive, they are extremely hard to get off of as soon as you become addicted to them and they are generally potentially very and very harmful to you (your health). this means that they can make your life much worse than you would expect it. plus to that, you may also pay for that slight buzz that you like to get with an extremely bad hangover the next day, during which, you may feel stupid and forgetful altogether. but assuming that none of the above would happen you still risk because if there would ever come a day when you would really need them but you've already abused them then your tolerance would be very big to them. since your doctor would think that you've never used benzodiazepines he's gonna give you a too little dosage for you that isn't even gonna touch you. so when you would really have a legit need in them, you wouldn't be able to get their effects because of the tolerance that you are potentially raising now, while abusing them.

as you can see… all the way around, it is a very bad idea which I wouldn't recommend you to do! please, be safe!

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1 year 2 months ago #2868 by Clumadich
Bourque, thank you so so much!! I really appreciate it. it is not only the fact that you have done an amazing job (I'm talking in advising and recommending), but you have also proven yourself to be a really caring person which I really appreciate.
but I also need to say: dear mate. even though I have never used benzodiazepines on a regular basis, I am still fully aware of all of those extremely bad symptoms (and even including the memory impairment from using these meds too!) that it is occurring as a result of a withdrawal from the benzodiazepines after a long term usage of them, not to mention the fact that they are very addictive and that they give you very bad withdrawals which people are struggling to stop whenever they want to stop using benzo. having this said, I only wanted to say that I do know what I can expect from using them. also I should say that I have never got a 'real high' feeling from using either xanax or valium. in fact, I can tell you that if I am using them at some low dosages then they seem to have absolutely no effect on me at all. however I have also tried to take much bigger dosages and I have noticed that if I am taking too much of them then I would just get drowsy which I also do not like either. having this said, it really seems like I need to lower my expectations due to the fact that the benzodiazepines are having no (or maybe they do have some but only very little) recreational value so there's no reason to use them this way, isn't it?

whichever the case, lots of thanks to everyone of you who have posted and tried to help me.

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