Interferon for Hep C treatment

1 year 3 months ago #2585 by Nower
Nower created the topic: Interferon for Hep C treatment
hey there guys, unfortunately, during my early using history, I have gotten this infection, virus and now I am trying to search for something how I can cure it. I should mention that so far, I am feeling just fine, but I really do not want to wait until this virus is going to come after me (since I do know that I have and that, eventually, it would show up). of course, I have quit drinking at all, however I am still taking some tablets with 325 mg of tylenol in them when I need them and I do know that these ones are bad for my liver either, but I am not sure what else to take than tylenol that won't affect my liver. generally I'm trying to keep my liver as much as possible without doing bad things like drinking, but there are some like taking tylenol which I can't do anything about… but anyway, I've been thinking that I need to start a treatment now because I am still feeling well and I don't want to wait to feel bad to start a treatment so I thought about the treatment of using the interferon. so, from as much as you can understand - what I want is to get a little bit of help and specifically to talk to somebody who has some information or maybe even some experience with interferon. so, is here anybody who has ever had any experience at all with the interferon treatment? if you did, then did it work for you? also, what were the side effects of the medication because I do realize that there must be some. is anything that I should be worried about? maybe there's something else that you consider I must know? thanks in advance for all!

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1 year 3 months ago #2586 by HouseLane
HouseLane replied the topic: Interferon for Hep C treatment
hi there, I can't tell you anything from personal experience since I never had hepatitis c (thanks to god) and I never had to take the interferon, however I am having a close friend of mine who has used interferon for Hepatitis C so I'm gonna share her story. the good and I think the best news is that yeah! it has worked well as it has cleared her system a bit more than 2 years ago now and she is still remaining clear even nowadays! that's the good news, however the bad news is that this is quite a demanding regimen and it is going to take you anywhere between 6 to up to one full year (12 months) of therapy of it and I guess there is no need to explain why you need to be committed to it, and you really need to! yeah, I do know (especially since I have seen my friend) that this is a great effort, however I can tell you that it is surely worth all of the effort! oh yeah, one thing to mention is that for some unknown reason to me (maybe if you're going to search online you'll find something about it, but I'm too lazy now) it is working a little bit better for women than for men (as I said, clueless why), but if you're going to stick with it properly (I understand that you're a man, no?) then there's no need for you to worry because it is still having some really high success rate, I'm sure about that.

about the side effects… as you said, of course such a medication is having side effects and it can make you feel a little bit low, a bit unwell and rundown (or at least these are the side effects that my friend has been suffering from) but they are not so much to make you not able to function, or again, at least, this is what happened to my friend.

exactly as you said, I can assume that since you do that APAP then it is surely not going to help your situation and even make it worse… but at least I hope (and I am assuming) that you are taking it as little as it is possible. also, I am quite sure you've already thought about it but I still need to mention it… maybe you could switch to ibuprofen? it isn't important to respond, just something for you to think (but as I said, I guess you already thought of it).

another thing is that I can guess that you are in the US (I don't know, but you haven't shared your location) and this most likely means that this is going to be some really expensive therapy, however just in case you would be able to afford it then be sure (assuming my friend's result) - it is definitely worth the cost. and yeah, I say this because interferon therapy is quite expensive… but if you are in the UK (or maybe if there's anybody else in the UK) who is in such a situation and needs interferon then if you can meet the requirements (like not drinking and so on and so forth), then the treatment is being available on the NHS! Good luck!

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1 year 4 days ago #2887 by Bappre
Bappre replied the topic: Interferon for Hep C treatment
hey, sorry for late reply. not sure if you need an answer now since so much time passed but I just have seen this post and remember about a good friend of mine who has used interferon for his hepatitis c and I just came here to tell you: YES! it did has done a good job as it has cleared her system from the hepatitis C 2 years ago and she's still clear even nowadays. the Interferon worked very well for her as she's free of the virus! I hope that you are now on it and I really hope that it is going to work the same as it did for my friend. I just know that this is a pretty much demanding regimen and it is going to take anywhere between 6 months (yes, half a year) until 12 months (yes, one full year) of therapy (but I guess your doctor already told you this if you either started to use it or not) and that is why you should know that you have to be committed to it. however, I still must tell you that it is surely worth the effort and it is worth to follow the regimen as you should. I'm not sure if you are man or a woman, but from as much as we have heard about this thing, for some unknown reason (or at least I don't know why) it is working a little bit better for women than for men, however this doesn't mean that it doesn't work for men (if you're a man), because if you are going to stick to it and follow the rules as you should then it still have a very high success rate. but you must do everything accordingly. the reason I tell you that you must stick to it is that following this regimen isn't as easy as it sounds due to the fact that this stuff can make you feel a bit unwell, I mean, you can feel a little bit low, rundown and… as I said, generally a bit unwell, however it surely won't make you feel so bad that you can't function and plus to that, again as I already mentioned this, it is worth the effort.

I also have to add that I would assume like you do that APAP it is not going to help with your situation at all, and plus to that I can also assume that you are taking it as little as it is possible. I am thinking that perhaps a switch to the ibuprofen may be possible. in addition to that, I can guess that you are living in the US and by saying this I only try to say that since you live there, it most likely means that this is going to be quite an expensive therapy, but once again, if you can afford it (but I really hope that it can) it is surely worth the cost, exactly as it is worth the effort and sticking to this regimen.

however, if you are in the UK and whoever else who is in the UK who is in such a situation, then you must know that if you are going to meet all the requirements well (like going on with the treatment, not drinking and etc.) then the treatment is available on the NHS. once again, I'm sorry for this maybe too late response but I really hope that this might be helpful for, maybe, some one else if it's too late for you. good luck!

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1 year 4 days ago #2888 by Boyter
Boyter replied the topic: Interferon for Hep C treatment
to OP or whoever else might be reading this and being interested in trying interferon, I must tell you that interferon treatments can reek havoc on some people, and an example I can give you my brother who went through this situation. my brother has been diagnosed with this around 5 or maybe 6 years ago. he don't know how he has got it and for how long he has been walking around with it before diagnosed, however we do have some ideas because he is pretty well all inked up and we think that he got it from that which means that he was most likely walking around with it for more than 10 years before he has got his diagnosis and in all this time, he has been drinking pretty heavily on a lot of days (and nearly every day drinking at least a few beers). taking all of this in consideration, there's no wonder as to why it has gone way much more beyond affecting his liver. but in regards to the interferon, he has had to stop to use it 2 times and this is because of the horrible side effects that he has got from it. and trust me, those side effects were really really bad. we don't know, but it may ultimately take him out, however at least he is on disability and etc. and he is also living rent free in an apartment that it is mine and he's now lucky enough I would say that all he needs to be concerned with is the battle he has to endure with his dose of hepatitis c. generally… I just think that life is just not fair!!! I would try my best to save my brother as I have already lost my older sister who has been murdered many years ago by her 'boyfriend' and I really don't wish to bury another of my sibling… and yeah… I'm sorry as I can see that I'm going off topic, however when I've seen this thread it really brought back so many unpleasant experiences and memories so this topic just strikes a chord with me. I also know that interferon treatment might be very helpful, but that's unless you have unbearable side effects which I hope you wouldn't have I would try to answer any other questions if you have but as for now, I think that you must at least try the interferon and see how it works for you. good luck

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1 year 4 days ago #2889 by Imand195
Imand195 replied the topic: Interferon for Hep C treatment
hi there everyone. OP thank you for posting this thread and thank you to each one of you who has responded. I am very and very interested in hearing out more about the interferon and that's, of course, because I want to start it too. but I've already done a lot of research on this and I have read articles etc. that is why I want to hear more about interferon mainly from those people who have already gone through the treatment and can tell me more about it.

as most people… I have also contracted hep. c in my earlier days… I have been diagnosed with hepatitis c when I have been either 21 or 22 (can't really remember) and I have had it for many many years now. it is obvious that I would really want to do something about this condition and to treat it if possible, however I have put my body through a lot already over the years and to be honest, I am not very sure how my body is going to deal with such a harsh treatment (as I said, I've already done lots of research on it and I know that this treatment is very strict and very harsh!)… it is obvious… I love this life and the main reason why I want to do it is so I can live for maybe a longer period of time, but what I am really concerned about is that I think that the treatment might actually shorten my life instead of extending it… I mean… I do know that I may kick the hepatitis c's ass with the help of interferon, however I just think that with a treatment like this, there must be a price to pay and I mean… there has to be some kind of big side effects, no?
I mean, these are just some stuff that nobody except simple people who have already been through it can help me with, can answer them. I really need help and I would very much appreciate any that you would give me. any kind of feed back, experience, opinions etc. etc. might be very helpful for me and it surely will be very thankful. I just want to be healthy and to live a long happy life.

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1 year 4 days ago #2890 by StepheN100
StepheN100 replied the topic: Interferon for Hep C treatment
for treating something, obviously, you need to know what you exactly have. that is why, you must know what type of hepatitis c you have and this is why I now ask you: do you know the type? but reading your post and what you are getting through, I can assume that it is the type 1A which it is the hardest and the nastiest type of hepatitis c, unfortunately. I also have tried the combination of the interferon. I say that it is a combination because you can't take interferon alone, they must give you another medication with it. so I have attempted to go through the treatment with the interferon combination (they were giving me SC shots of interferon and along with the oral Ribavirin which is an antiviral, been told that it is one of the most used antiviral for hepatitis c, but maybe you've been put on another one). whatever the case, sadly, due to the fact that I have also been having an undiagnosed Lyme disease, the treatment with those 2 nearly killed me and that's after 3 weeks. I just gave myself 3 interferon (pegasys) shots, one shot once a week, for 3 weeks (and yeah, I guess all who has been taking it knows it but for the rest: they are also leaving a very big mark at the injection site on your thigh or stomach - depending where you have it injected, doubt that there are people who don't have it) and I've been taking the ribavirin every single day, exactly as it has been prescribed to me. and you know… the interferon (which is, in fact, chemotherapy, but they just do not tell you that, be sure in this) has killed my immune system completely (exactly as usual chemotherapies does) and then my blood was looking like it is just some red water. that's why I nearly died then.

and yeah, you should know that this happened while I've been on it for only 3 weeks out of the total 48 weeks of treatment (if I would take go through all 48 I would be dead long ago… in fact, I wouldn't reach the 48th week and I would be dead already). and yeah, I needed 48 weeks because I'm type 1. if you are also type 1(which probably do, but I hope you're not) then you are going to need one full year and no exceptions, in fact, you are later perhaps gonna need more if the viruses rebound again after you stop the treatment. but I do not try to say that you shouldn't go with interferon. you surely at least must give it a try and see how it works. this thing nearly killed me indeed, but you should not forget that I have had an undiagnosed disease during that time and this has complicated the treatment a lot and this is the reason why I nearly passed away and why interferon surely shouldn't be taken by me. as for the rest people who are perfectly healthy (I mean, of course, except for hepatitis c) then you must give it a try and see how it works for you. just please, do not go for peg intron, you better go for pegasys instead and I tell you this because pegasys is considered to have less side effects. if you are going to be given ribavirin (not sure how about others) then this one is dosed by weight so doc. would tell you how much of it you need. I must say that I'm still having it, however my liver is stable, good for me… I wish you people good luck and you need to remember that in fact, it IS chemotherapy pretty much like treating cancer (and in fact, it really does treat certain cancers too!) and you must think of it as of such thing. by saying this I try to say that you should be very careful on not doing any mistakes while you're on it! best wishes and be healthy, hepatitis c sucks!

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