I need info on Benicar 20mg

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Kenneth replied the topic: I need info on Benicar 20mg

anyway, I am sorry for my rant, that's just something that seems pretty unfair to me. whatever the case, my blood pressure it is now fine since I am on the medication and I generally feel better. no side effects annoys me so far.

I'm really glad to hear that your blood pressure it is now fine and you do not experience side effects. I'm sure you know it but keep on doing whatever you do to keep your blood pressure under control and it doesn't make you feel bad.

in the regards of the Lisinopril, you mentioned that it is one of the most famous used medication for patients with high blood pressure. yes you are right. this medication it is an ACE inhibitor and it is indeed very often being used as a first line treatment for high blood pressure, but then again, however a lot of the ace inhibitor drugs do indeed cause a dry and hacking cough in some patients using it but definitely not in all patients. very often times in such situations, the prescribing doctors might not get you completely off the medication but instead of that, they might lower the dosage only (if and as long as it is still enough of the dosage to control your high blood pressure and also to solve this cough problem too). or, just in case the lowering of the dose isn't solving the issues (like the cough still persists or the dosage already isn't enough to control the high blood pressure) then the doctor might think about trying the patient on other drugs (but also, other doctors resort to other drugs without even trying to lower the patient's dose). that's because there are a very big variety of other medications in this class and in other classes as well which are also good in lowering high blood pressure and without providing that bad dry hacking cough to patients. but we should not forget that other types of medications have other types of side effects which might or they might not appear. that is why, simply changing the medication isn't always going to help. patients and their doctors must work this up and find the perfect medication which wouldn't give the bad dry cough and won't give any other side effect whilst the medication would be enough to help with the blood pressure. in the end I just want to say that you must check this with your doctor as I am pretty sure that there are alternatives for you (as I mentioned, there's a quite big variety to choose from).

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1 year 1 month ago #2886 by Boint25
Boint25 replied the topic: I need info on Benicar 20mg
I'm on lisinopril for approximately 2 years. about 2 years ago (in april or may, can't really remember) my doctor diagnosed me with a moderate high blood pressure and you people are right on the fact that this is the first line treatment medication as this was the first and the only medication given to me by my doctor for high blood pressure. I don't need any other due to the fact that in all these 2 years I haven't had bad side effects by taking it. I did have done a bit of research and I've seen that there are pretty much a lot of people complaining on the cough that they get from lisinopril but it seems that I am among those who do not get it, luckily. I'm on a dosage of 5 mg of this drug since the day I've been on it. it does a good job in keeping blood pressure in normal levels. it seems that my high blood pressure isn't getting any worse (at least it doesn't seemed to get worse in the last 2 years) and I guess that's because I have started to get on a regimen. I've started to watch a bit more careful what I am eating and although I am not having *The Rock's* training regimen I do try to go exercising each time when I can. so, a bit of a diet, a bit of exercising and a bit of lisinopril seem to do a good job. just stay away from alcohol when you take lisinopril, trust me that's not a good idea as I have tried it myself.

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