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Silkroad - Online Pharmacy | Overseas best cheap pharmacy - Silkroad - Online Pharmacy is world's number one awarded best online pharmacy in community forums in list of top online pharmacies over all the internet.

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(Updated: December 06, 2017)
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When speaking about, it is understandable the fact that it is an online pharmacy that offers the possibility to buy directly from Internet without visiting the doctor’s office. This online pharmacy is a relatively new one on the pharmaceutical market and it is based mostly on offering medications that are packed in generic packages. So, most probably, the customer will not receive his orders in same packages as they can find them in traditional pharmacies. The first point to be mentioned is that the navigation is quite uncomfortable due to the low loading speed. Pages are opened with difficulty and the customer has to click several times on one or another icon in order to get the information displaced. appears to be proud of selling its products worldwide with the benefit of delivering the order within 5 to 9 working days. 
What makes special (according to the info found on the site),is that customers have the possibility to order prescription medications without a valid prescription. While other online pharmacies require a valid prescription to be transmitted via email or other routes for prescription drugs, provides an easy delivery, without making its customers to be disturbed by sending the prescription. So, the customer has to search or to chose his drug, place the order and wait for it within 5-9 days. takes the responsibility of delivering the order no matter what custom difficulties it can encounter during shipping (since, as we know, many prescription medications can come across several difficulties during their delivery). 
Apart from selecting prescription medications, can also search or order some powder chemicals. When the order is prepared, the customer is informed via email about the fact that his powder drug is already sent to the delivery back office. 

Historical references is established in Pakistan. From that territory, it sells its products worldwide. According to the site data, this pharmacy is absolutely legal in offering prescription medications. Apart from legacy, claims to offer the best prices comparing to other similar sites. In Pakistan, is collaborating with 7 major pharmaceutical suppliers. The pharmacy also carries absolute responsibility for the quality of the delivered products, since all the stuff working in its business is licensed in pharmaceutical manufacturing. 
Should be stressed the fact that the info regarding the operativity and fast delivery found on the site does not coincide with the info found on forums. While claims to quickly send the order, forums reviews stress on the fact that the delivery time can delay ranging from 1-2 weeks. 

Health conditions that can be possibly treated with drugs found on offers pharmaceutical remedies for following types of health conditions: anxiety, hyperactivity deficit attention disorder, steroids, Human growth hormone replacement therapy, pain, sex enhancements, increased weight, men’s conditions, women’s conditions, sleep disorders, or antidepressants. Unlike other pharmacy sites, proposes steroids and HGH remedies. If this site requires no prescription, isn't that a big risk delivering them to any person?! The same question arises regarding antidepressant and sleeping difficulties- remedies. As far as I know, these can be hazardous if taken by a person who hasn't had a discussion with the psychiatrist. And, if doesn't require a valid prescription, this means that almost anyone could order such medications. And, afterwords, who would be responsible in case of severe side effects with a person who took these remedies without consulting a doctor first? The question remains without any answer…

Payment possibilities
Similar to plenty of other online pharmacies, accepts debit and credit cards (visa and maestro) as the basic form of payment. In case that a person does not have one, or has certain difficulties with them, also accepts bank money transfer. Money gram and Perfect Money system are also available with any order placed on Recently, this online pharmacy has launched the program through which Bitcoin owners can pay their orders with cryptocurrency. 
I didn't place any order on personally, and I cannot state how exactly the entire payment system works. But, according to Internet forums (that for me are the most trustful), there appears to be some troubles with the payments specifically during promotions. There have been lots of complaints about the fact that the site appoints on a specific promotion and the customers are taxed with standard prices afterwards. Unfortunately, no refunding or recalculation have been offered as a resolution to the customers. 

Comparing the prices
While exploring site, it is noticeable the fact that it systematically reminds its customers that the prices are the best among all other possible online sources. The price seems to be the “forte” aspect of so I made my own research with regard to this aspect and here is what I've found: 
Levitra, which is basically constituted of vardenafil, a compound for treating male erectile dysfunction is proposed with 2$ per pill. I've found other sources proposing it with 2,75$, as well as with 1.75$ (I'll not mention the source, otherwise somebody will think that I promote advertising here). The difference is not consistent, but one thing is for sure: is not the cheapest. The same thing happened with Viagra 100 mg which is sold with 1$, in favor of other sources that offer it with 0.78$. The conclusion is, therefore, evident.

The final word to say
The aspect that makes be different from other pharmacies is that it offers something that others don't: prescription medications without requiring prescription. But, this aspect can be interpreted in both positive and negative ways. For me personally it is a negative aspect, because anyone is able to receive medications that might be hazardous. in vain claims to have the best prices since these are neutral and there are other sites proposing better offers. Moreover, other sites propose additional benefits like discounts, extra pills and specific loyalty programs. None of them I noticed with There is only one word describing BORING. 

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